Friday, September 20, 2013

Pebble Smart-watch unboxing

This was actually months ago, sharing  excitement 

The box 

From one side

The backside, can be used for iPhone or android 

The other side

This is irreversible , mixed excited and sad feeling ;( 


Meh, already done this while painfully waiting for my package

Closer look

Cant wait to turn it on

The magnetic charger, this scared me as it would be hard to find replacement

The back with serial and other information

Charging for the first time!
Very useful watch, last for 2 weeks with low usage (only paired when needed)
Last one week with with continuous pairing and average notification (maybe 50+ per day)
Need to be careful with the back-light tho, this consume battery the most. A few time i forgot to turn of the shake(motion) to turn back-light function off which makes my battery only last 3 days  (used while jogging, so the light is on almost the whole run =.=).

Now i can put my phone on silent and still notice incoming call/text.Yeah phone vibration works too, but with this watch i can screen and reject calls ;)

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