Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RO2 Guide : Khara & Title

While Title feature is quite common in mmorpgs, khara is a new feature introduced in RO2. Similar to normal quest, khara system is much simpler, where no npc is involved. Mission can be accepted (in this case challenged) , from the khara window, and you will be rewarded as soon as you fulfill the objective. The Khara info window can be accessed by pressing 'O'(default key).

Press O to access this window. 
There are a lot of box, each with different mission.  As you can see above, the icon lighted up is available  while those which are dark, are not available yet. To unlock them, certain level have to be reached, or some normal quest have to be done. After you finish khara mission, you will be rewarded, and the icon clear will come out.  Various type of quest are available can easily be distinguish by their icon.

  • Sword (white): Hunt 'x' number of 'z' monster
  • Sword (orange) : Hunt certain boss monster . These boss usually have high hp which require full party. 
  • Helm : 
    • Reach 'x' level or
    • Reach 'x' job level.
    • Obtain 'y' number of title
    • Finish series of dungeon quest. 
  • Watch
    • Get 'x' number of item
    • Use 'x' number of item
    • Use skill 'x' time
    • Upgrade armor/weapon 'x' time.
    • Summon guardian 'x' time
    • Die 'x' time
    • Resurrect 'x' time
    • Repair equipment 'x' time
  • Treasure box
    • Get some stuff
    • Get a boss weapon (from dungeon boss)
    • Obtain 'x' number of cards.
Some of the quest are automatically challenge(accepted) as you unlock them, while some others need to be challenge and cost khara point. Mind you, if you don't have enough point, the quest will not be available (dark). However, you don't need to worry as some of the khara itself will reward you some khara point when you finish them. There are other awesome reward such as :
  • Combat experience & Zeny
  • Title
  • Title & Job experience
  • Khara point

As you can see in the picture above, some bomb icon exist with arrows in it. Clearing khara mission where the arrow points will give you a lot of job experience and zeny. 

Arrow > will expand Title tab
As you can see above, the Title tab can be seen by expanding Khara window. All the title can be obtained from khara mission. Title will be available next to your name when enabled, and only one can be used at a time. Title also give you some stat, and they are very useful. As you can see above, the title have different color which indicate its grade. Orange has the best stat and vanilla the lowest. (This could be wrong as i forgot the order)


See below , one of the end game title. Awesome stat. Em, the left one is what i am using now. 

I want this!