Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RO2 : Ragnarok Online 2 Archer !

Just started playing Ragnarok online 2  : Legend of the Second ( RO2:LotS ) . So i have decided to play archer because i want to become beast master (BM) which can transform into a bear. 

Bullying Poring in 3D. ;)

I choose the job artisan, which can craft light armor and rune. From what i understand, there is no real restriction or best job that goes with your class. Any profession will do fine. There are 4 profession, artisan, blacksmith,  chef and alchemist. Each job can craft different type of item, which i am not familiar with yet. While killing monster give you normal experience, job experience is obtained by picking material or crafting. 

TeddyLala crafting, or should i say sewing?
Artisan get material from dead monster, so  after looting, don't forget to click on the dead monster again . And the great thing is, you can also get it from monster which was killed by others . Because my artisan level is still 4, i only can refine the material.

For stat and skills, i haven't add anything, because i haven't decide on what build i want to be. 

  • STR  : Increase 2 attack power & 2 parry.
  • AGI  : Increase 5 critical & 2 dodge.
  • INT  : Doesn't affect archer.
  • WIS : Increase SP by 10. 
  • VIT  : Increase 5 HP.
Similar to RO1, you will be given stats point. As you increase more STR (example), it will cost more to be leveled . I guess the important point for archer is STR, AGI and VIT. If i want to become tanker beastmaster, STR and VIT is main stats, however, i haven't decide to add how much. One character also get a lot of stats from equipment and card. 

How much each point of parry,critical and dodge could give varies, as your level increase, the point give lesser effect. For example, my total STR now is 28, which give 56 parry. 56 parry at level 5 give me 11.51% parry rate. =(