Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RO2 : Finally. Spear of the Ferocious Pandora

Recently RO2 update bring a new feature into the game. Pandora Box! Can be obtained from any mobs in the game(they doesn't stack =.=). To open them you could use either Pandora's Mallet or Pandora's Key. Pandora's Mallet are also dropped by monster and are also sold by Kafra NPC for 1 Zeny. While Pandora's Keys are sold in Kafra Item shop (Cash Mall).

Obviously, opening Pandora box using key enable you to get better item or have higher chances of getting better item especially weapon. Pandora box only gives weapon,accessory and food so far . Epic purple weapon could only be obtained by key. While rare blue and green appear from both mallet and key, with higher chances if you are using keys.

Amazingly, the weapon obtained from Pandora got superb stat with level 1 requirement. However, the weird thing is, all of them are specific to second class job, which mean we can only use them at level 25 after job-change. Another down side is, there are bounded to character, they cannot be traded or sold to other players (sell to npc is possible ). Means, you are forced to sell all those epic weapon you could not use.

After opening a lot of Pandora, i finally manage to get beast-master weapon for my future bear. Look at the stat, that is even better than level 40 weapon. Unfortunately i am still stuck at level 22. I should get my ass to level 25 and bash some monster with this spear. (i know purple is better, but i am happy with this one for now).

Below is comparison between a normal bow which was obtained from quest and a green Pandora bow. I choose the level 23 bow because it is close to job change (level 25). This shows how amazing the Pandora's weapon compared to normal weapon.
normal green bow
From Pandora's Box
 Look at the Attack Power. Cool right?