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RO2 Guide : Wolf Cave Dungeon

Although there are 2 dungeon before this one, Trauma dungeon and Culvert dungeon, i would consider Wolf Cave as the first real dungeon. The first two dungeon is considered as introductory because you can clear them easily alone, does not matter what class you are (however, Hard Culvert is still hard, no way to solo).

If you follow the quest flow, you will eventually get some quest with the initial [Dungeon]. If i am not mistaken you will be around level 17-20 at that time. However i recommend to level up a little bit as doing dungeon at low level is gonna be hard, especially without proper equips.

I always skip dungeon before, because it is hard to get party. Getting into a party is one thing, getting healer is even harder. Yes, you can skip and proceed to other map or quest without doing dungeon. However, i always found myself to be under level . I ran out of quest, and there are no new quest available, not until you reach the next level. So it is recommended to do dungeon , although doing them a little bit later is fine.

So, why you should do dungeon ?

  1.  Quest and experience.- [Dungeon] Quest gives more experience than normal quest
  2.  Guranyang statue - Most [Dungeon] Quest reward gives statue, more at  Guranyang . *wolf cave does not give statue 
  3.  Dungeon Equipment - The bosses inside dungeon  drop Blue Equips with rune holes. Random part and class
  4.  Khara Quest and title. - Khara Quest for Dungeon will reward you with awesome title .
  5.  To unlock more quest.- More story quest continuation after you finish [Dungeon] quest.

There are 3 normal quest you can obtain from Prontera Field map.

  1. [Dungeon] Leader of the Rackufs.
    Get rid of Rackuf trainer 0/3
    Get rid of Red Scar.

    Rackuf Trainer are normal monster, run around to kill 3. There are a lot of them around. Red Scar is the final boss, make sure you does not die when your team kill it.
  2. [Dungeon] Pride of the Collector
    Get Adventure King's Collection - 0/2

    Kill the poporing king and loot this item. Because the poporing king is a boss, and only 1 of it spawn, you will need to do Wolf Cave twice to complete this quest. Doesn't matter if you die as long as you come back and loot its body later.

  3. [Dungeon] Spider in a cave
    Get Araknoa Fang - 0/2

    Kill Araknoa (Boss) twice and loot him. Also require you to do Wolf Cave twice.
There are also 3 Khara Quest for Wolf Cave Dungeon :
  1. (Dungeon) True Adventurer of Wold Cave is moi!
    Challengeable level : 17
    Reward : 30 khara point

    Hunt Adventurer Poring 0/3 - [Normal monster]
    Hunt Lost Poporing 0/2 - [Normal monster]
    Hunt Adventurer King Poporing 0/1 - [Boss]
  2. (Dungeon) Eliminating cobweb of Wolf Cave
    Challengeable level : 17
    Reward : 30 khara point

    Hunt Cave Spider 0/3 - [Normal monster]
    Hunt Aracnoa 0/1 - [Boss]
  3. (Dungeon) Red Scar story - Hidden Quest , will unlock when you kill him once.
    Challengeable level : 15
    Reward : Title : Crimson Hunter

    Hunt Red Scar 0/2 - [Boss]
  4. (Dungeon) - Dominator of Wolf Cave Required Khara Point : 30
    Challengeable level : 17
    Reward : Title Wolf Killer

    Complete (Dungeon) True Adventurer of Wold Cave is moi!
    Complete (Dungeon) Eliminating cobweb of Wolf Cave
    (Dungeon) Red Scar story
Wolf Cave map

Wolf cave map and route

The red line is the recommended route, the fastest to get to all boss . You can wander elsewhere of course, but there is no point in doing that.

        Green x - Adventurer King Poporing
        Blue x - Aracnoa
        Red x - Red Scar

Just make your way to the first boss, make sure to only lure and kill 1 or 2 at a time.

Adventurer King Poporing

Green colored with classic mustache  King Poporing
HP     : 31400
Skills : 

  1.  Transform - Turn you into a poporing for a short duration making   you  useless.
  2.  Poison Pool - As in picture, he summon poison pool, which deal damage as  long as you stay in

Killing this boss is easy, just make sure to stay out of poison pool. Nothing you could do about the transformation skill. Kill the minion when he summons them, and make sure healer is not attacked. Tanker focus on boss and lure him out of poison pool so others could continue hitting him. Don't forget to loot him for quest item. 


HP     : 31400
Skills : 

  1. Poison spurt - He spurt poison around his body, aoe skill. 
  2. Spider Web - Spawn spider web around his body
    Spider web
This one is easy to kill. He occasionally spurt poison, and it doesn't hurt so much. Spider web only slows your movement speed, so staying inside the area should be no problem. 

Red Scar

Red scar

HP     : 39500
Skills : 

  1.  Aoe stun - Stun everyone around
  2.  Earthquake - Red Scar summon a crack on floor and deal continuous damage
Earthquake skill
This boss is quite hard, his aoe earthquake deal a lot of damage quickly. Just make sure to stay away from the crack on the floor. Tanker should lure Red Scar away from the area. His aoe stun is also dangerous, especially when he suddenly change target and goes for healer. Plus , he deal a lot of critical , make sure tanker can cope up and ready to re-provoke .


You will get 2 title from this dungeon :

Wolf killer from (Dungeon) Dominator of Wolf Cave
Crimson Hunter from (Dungeon) Red Scar Story


There is one more quest here, (Selected) Unlimited Spurt Instinct !
This quest require you to collect any of these : 
  1. Get Rotten Mollar Staff 0/1
  2. Get Rotten Mollar Bow 0/1
  3. Get Rotten Mollar Dagger 0/1
  4. Get Rotten Mollar Sword 0/1
  5. Get Rotten Mollar Bludgeon 0/1
Those are weapons that are dropped randomly by bosses in Wolf Cave. Just get any one of the weapon in the list. Will only reward you with 35 Khara Point.


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