Sunday, February 9, 2014

Final Fantasy ARR FATE grind

Leveling in Final Fantasy ARR is generally easy (sadly, still hard for me). While you can make your way up to level 50 by doing the main story line and questing, you can also fill in FATE or Fully Active Time Event. 

FATE is similar to event in that exists in other mmo. However, FATE is part of the game unique system, always spawning semi randomly throughout the world. They reward handsome exp, coin and also grand company seals. FATE is a fast and easy way to reach level 50 especially for your other class since you will run out of quest at later stage. 

There is level requirement/recommendation to participate in each FATE; however you can always join FATE higher than your level, although this is not recommended especially if you are alone. You can join lower level FATE (your level will be synced or lowered for the duration). In fact, most people stayed in certain map longer than they should, because
1.    More people doing lower level FATE = faster FATE/exp rate
2.    Some map has closer FATE spawn.
3.    Higher level map means more powerful mob and FATE mob. 

Recommended FATE location;

Level 1-10;
Just do your hunting log and FATE that you bump into. 

Level 10-20 ; Aleport/Swiftperch (Western La Noscea)
This area always has high number of FATE grinder and party. Party helps especially if you are new, under-equip. There are a few boss FATE, anyone can tank them with 1 healer at least. Or just let the tanker do their job. I do fine alone with my chocobo healer. Some people leave for other FATE when they reach 15, but i prefer staying because of the frequency of FATE, small map and also high number of people. 

Level 20-30; Quarrymill (South Shroud)
This map has a lot of great FATE. There is 2 chains FATE here, where the FATE continue after 1 another like a small story. However, that FATE requires large number of participant. I was happily doing them few months ago. Recently the number of grinder drops that we always have to skip the 2 chain FATE. However, fear not, other FATE spawns quickly; you will barely have time to rest. Make sure to do your story quest and have mount to move around faster. And just stay at upper part of the map. 

Level 30-35/40; Costa Del Sol (Eastern La Noscea)
 A number of FATES with decent exp exist in this map. The map is kind of small with close FATE. One notable FATE is   'Its not Lupus' a giant crab (Cancer). Well, Dr House anyone? He gives a lot of exp but large number of player is required to down him. He can easily kill non tank in 2 skills. But his skill is slow and easily avoided. Pull him on shore to avoid adds. 

Level 35/40-50; Cortheas Central Highland (Camp Dragonhead)
You can start at level 35 here. Some would move to Camp Bluefrog or Mor Dhona at level 45 for   larger exp. But i rarely see FATE grinder in Mor Dhona recently, with occasional FATE party in Northen Thanalan. I suggest staying in Cortheas Central Higland to 50, since the number of FATE is large, with some notable FATE especially 'Flight of Svara ' a 3 chain FATE that gives around 50k exp. plus, the number of people helps for faster FATE and exp. The only problem is the map is huge, with 2 or 3 FATE spawning at the same time. So a party leader needs to decide the strategy. 

Eyes Have It FATE is the hardest FATE here since the boss can 1 hit everyone, even tanks. Nightmare for melee class. But worth the 20-30k exp given. You will also get 1 companion . However, this FATE only spawn every 3 hours. 

Tips for FATE;
1.     You are not required to stay around for the entire FATE
·        Make sure to save in the same map, so you will receive exp even of you die
·        However, you will lose the exp if you are online when the FATE is done.
2.     For turn in fates, turning in around 10 is sufficient to get full exp.
·     Some people shout and try to collect very large amount of item to get higher exp. Nope, doesn't work that way. Don't waste your time there.
3.     For mob or boss FATE,
·        Kill small number of mob (maybe 5).Or just use dot skill and let others kill em.
·        Just spam skill on boss for a while, help to down quarter of its HP.
·        You will get same exp even if you solo the whole EXP. So really no point staying for whole FATE.
4.     I often leave FATE early if the next one already popped. But, please do try and stay. If everyone leaves early, then nobody is around to finish the FATE.
5.        You can solo if you want. You still can get full exp easily. However, by partying you can get exp from everyone kills. Of course you can be healed etc. Just shout for party. 

Eyes Have It FATE.

Svara FATE