Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Honedge Perfect IV Breeding

One of the best way to catch all Pokemon is by catching them from Friend Safari. Apart from that, Pokemon from Pokemon Safari got at least 2 perfect IV(31), good start to breed perfect Pokemon(for battle).
So , add me up >> 3196-4020-3001 and please reply your friend code. =)
My safari type is ghost with the following pokemon - Shuppet/ phantump/ drifblim

I managed to get a few dittos from friend safari, one of them got 3 perfect Ivs.
After countless number of eggs and generation, i finally manage to get all 6 perfect IV. Actually i only desired 5, but luck give me all 6. Getting 5 perfect IV from both parent with 4 perfect IV is the hardest part.

It inherited some crappy skills

You could check for your Pokemon IV with him, at Kiloude Poke Centre

Still Level 1, time for Super Training!