Wednesday, October 16, 2013

(Pokemon X) Journey So Far - 2nd Gym ; Grant

There is so much to do that i only reached the second gym after logging 16 hours of playtime. To make thing worse (or better), 2 of my Pokemon already leveled more than 30. They now refuse to follow my order and start loafing around. Wau, i never had this problem before. I barely grind or train my pokemon unlike previous generation.
After some climbing

He uses rock type Pokemon ; Amaura and Tyrunt. I thought using grass type Pokemon should do the trick. However, his Amaura knock out my Gloom in 1 move. Grant is actually hard to beat due to his Pokemon type, that is not purely rock. Amaura is Rock+Ice and Tyrunt is Rock + Dragon.

His powerfull Tyrunt
 He will use Rock Tomb skill that will lower your speed. He also use Bite occasionally , annoyingly causing your Pokemon to flinch and miss the turn. He also use Stomp attack. I barely beat him using my Gloom. I think it would be much easier with Frogadier but my Frogadier fainted during trainer fight before reaching the gym leader =(.

I won

My current line up