Wednesday, October 16, 2013

(Pokemon X ) Wonder Trade wonder - Pokerus

I spend a lot of time trading Pokemon , because of the thrill of getting unique or rare Pokemon. And today i got this ;

Mawile with Pokerus
To be honest, i didn't really go in depth while playing the previous Pokemon series. Getting this Pokemon got me super excited . Information from Serebi indicates that Pokemon with this status would grow faster than normal (higher Effor Value or EV). And this thing is actually very rare and i am very lucky to receive this Pokemon. Thanks random Japanese person!

Oh ya, from internet research, this Pokemon is kinda rare in the game. Thanks again Japanese guy/girl!

I have spread the virus to my whole team, if you want one, i can trade one Pokemon with you. Just tell me

Edit 2

Pokerus helps a lot in EV training, but introduction of Super Training makes EV training easier and simpler in this game. But you can still use horde battle for a much faster EV training! Use sweet scent to get horde battle often with weak Pokemon that give 1 EV each. But with Pokerus , that would total up to 5*2 = 10EV per fight. Skill such as surf would be very usefull here! Sweet!


  1. i want one Friend code: 263796577003

  2. Replies
    1. and for you, will trade you as soon as im able later. ;D

  3. hi, ok will add ya. mine is 319640203001

  4. would i be able to get one?

    My friend code is 2337-4014-6109

    1. sure, will trade you one common Pokemon with pokerus . add me ya 319640203001

  5. Will you please trade me a pokerus pokemon my friend code is 5472-7486-9475